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About RC Cooper

As a Professional Tournament Angler and with twenty six years of fresh water fishing experience, I am giving credit to my Native American Heritage for teaching me valuable gifts in my life. It has instilled in me the power of reflection, positivity, and a love for the "Natural Beauty" of our lakes, and a true passion for the sport of Fishing. This passion for the outdoors and water has drawn me to enjoy 250 days a year doing what I love best, "Fishing".

Throughout my many years of experiences, I started out training with my father on the Ohio River to amateur tournament fishing which eventually lead to professional tournament fishing. I have developed cutting edge techniques, and have learned insurmountable information regarding lake water trends and environments, all of which will help you attain your desired skill level.

Acknowledged as a leading expert in techniques and developing style, I have privately helped individuals just like you to sharpen their skills, and obtain and achieve their specific goals. I am offering, without a doubt, one of the Best Guiding Programs on the market.

You will be introduced to encompassing the aspects of map studies, electronics, information systems, safety and more! As a professional guide, I am offering a unique fishing program that can be designed as a mini vacation or just a day to get out on the water and relax

RC Cooper - Dialed In

A web mini-series showing RC's wide range of skills. He may not know what lake he is going to, or what he is throwing, but what he does know is how to catch fish!

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